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LacWood’s premium wood pellets are your #1 choice. Located in the heart of the Northeastern Ontario Boreal Forest, we are committed to providing you with the best wood pellets, free from any additives, leaving you with a pure, clean, and environmentally green choice. Scroll down to find out more about what we offer and how our pellets consistently exceed the criteria set for premium quality standards. 

Why Wood Pellets?

Wood Shavings - LacWood Premium Wood Pellets

Inexpensive & reliable heating technology proven worldwide.

LacWood Premium Wood Pellets

Organic & sustainable source of energy that is CO2 neutral.

Wood Pellets Burning - LacWood Premium Wood Pellets

100% recycled product made in a waste free facility.

Safe, Reliable & High Quality

LacWood’s premium wood pellets are made from clean, quality wood co-products left over from the milling of quality lumber, derived from the timber harvested in sustainably managed forests. LacWood pellets are clean, efficient and perfect for home heating.

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